Just wanted to let you know that, I have been doing shows for over 15 years now, this was the best system to date! Thanks for making that part of the show less challenging!
-Dave Wiltsie – Shankman and Associates

Great ordering system by the way. Loved the tablets.
-Josh Alderson – Carlin Group

We are often asked, “Do your apps run on iOS/Apple?” Truth is, we love Apple and what they have done to energize the industry! But, business is business. When we want to offer our customers a choice, working with a single device manufacturer that strictly controls the operation of apps on their devices seems, well, just a little too restrictive. Especially when the device only holds 18% of the market share. That’s right, our beloved Apple devices are not even used by 82% of smart device users! So, isn’t it smarter to go with devices made by dozens of different manufacturers who have all standardized on Android®? More devices = more innovation and more to choose from. Still skeptical? Take a look at the chart below.
IDC: Smartphone OS Market Share 2015, 2014, 2013, and 2012 Chart

TradeWins! Trade Show Order Capture has completed a three year ramp-up, and is now being used nationwide. Capture orders using tablets. No USB keys required. No power connections. No valuable booth space taken up by Point of Sale systems. The simplest, fastest order capture system with same-day order recap directly to your customers and vendors!

TW*Sales is the retail operations component of the TradeWins! total distribution solution.

Using any modern Android device, you can enable your customers to place orders, create build-to order profiles, request returns, print shelf labels, and even manage inventory without needing to invest in proprietary hardware.  It even runs on a majority of modern smart phones!

For more information, call 864-616-6457 or email sales@velocitialliance.com.


As Velociti continues to push forward with innovative solutions for order capture and fulfillment, we’ve added UniTech to our growing list of supported hardware suppliers.  UniTech’s PA700 Rugged Handheld Computer is able to run PiecePick for order fulfillment as well as TW*Sales for order capture at the retail store level!  Welcome to the family, UniTech!

UniTech PA700

UniTech PA700

The PA700 is an Android handheld computer, rugged and built to last. Built on the fastest growing and most popular mobile platform, the PA700 Android handheld device is a powerful and versatile data collection tool.

Every day, warehouse managers have to make instant decisions based on unforeseen issues that threaten to halt operationsThe best managers are those who have mastered the rules of the game.

So why is it that their management software bails out on them after creating an initial operations plan each day?  It’s like forcing a world-class chess  player to decide on all of his moves, in sequence, before the game has begun!  In the world of chess, he would lose every time— and the world of warehouse management is even more complicated…

The day that IBM’s Watson computer won the popular TV game show Jeopardy!, the possibility of creating a fundamentally new, ultra-aware decision support engine for warehouse operations came one step closer to reality.  Now it’s available.

CloudLogic™ is a game-theory-based system that plans and communicates each move of people and product in your warehouse. One move at a time. Real-time. Up to a thousand times a second.

For picking, this means that each pick is assigned real-time by evaluating the location of the picker, the congestion downstream of the pick operation, the proximity of  other pickers to the target pick, and even the required truck loading time cutoff.    Instead of pick path being king, the real issues encountered in a real warehouse can alter the pick instructions the second that conditions change.  Priorities can shift, trucks can call in late, orders can be made “hot”, all at any time.  …and the warehouse manager will have to do—nothing at all—in order to re-plan the day’s work…

…and now, CloudLogic™ can manage all warehouse operations: Receiving, Putaway, Cycle Counting, Cubing, Picking, Pallet Building, and Loading…

Exceptions occur. CloudLogic™ changes each operator’s task. As needed. Instantly.  And each day, CloudLogic™ produces a report that shows, numerically, how well it played the Warehouse Operations game.  …you’ll review the report, and find yourself using the same word that many of the nation’s top 10 C-Store distributors have used:


CloudLogic™ is licensed under authority of Solution Partners, Inc.
IBM® , Watson®, Power7®, and the Watson image are registered trademarks of International Business Machines.
Jeopardy! is a registered trademark of Jeopardy Productions, inc.



First there was IBM’s Deep Blue – which beat the world’s greatest chess player…

Then there was IBM Watson – which won TV’s Jeopardy! game show…

Now, there’s CloudLogic®, a gaming-based decision engine that analyzes your warehouse…  move by move…  up to thousands of times per second!

In the past, legacy systems operated based upon a “pick plan” established as soon as an order was received.  One picker. One department. One order at a time.

…maybe the legacy systems could handle batch picking as well, but still – they were (and are) based on a static plan for picking.

CloudLogic® changes all of that.

Now, each pick is evaluated from the “cloud” of all possible picks, and the optimal next move is assigned via CloudLogic®.

CloudLogic® evaluates the warehouse just like Deep Blue would evaluate a chess board to make the next move, only CloudLogic® considers:

  • Proximity of the candidate pick to the current picker location
  • Current congestion downstream of the picking process
  • Potential interference from other pickers assigned to the the same candidate pick area
  • Downstream requirement of the product for order fulfillment
  • Pick strategy to optimize labor cost: batch pick and sort, order pick, zone pick, or hybrid pick

…and CloudLogic® is not just for picking, but also directs receiving and putaway, cycle count, pallet building, and route-specific truck loading.

CloudLogic® is used under license from Solution Partners, Inc.


We reduced more than eight people from our cigarette operation while increasing carton sales volume by 25% within the first year of our SmokePick® implementation.”
– Wayne Baquet, President, Imperial Trading Company, New Orleans, LA

“SmokePick® allowed us to cut our inventory in halfcut our labor in half, and reduce the space required for cigarettes by 40%…and we’re still getting better!”
– Bob Rippley, Executive Vice President – Logistics, AWI

“SmokePick® is a major selling tool for our sales force because it is virtually error free.
– Hal Martin, President, Harrison Company LLC, Bossier City, LA