Thank you very much David.

I’m always shocked at the fact you reply to our concerns/issues no matter what time of day it is.

Cheers! – Travis Lerum Doyles/Sheehan

“One more thank you can’t hurt! I feel like this visit was so important and it totally paid off. Thank you for the long hours and listening to all of our needs, requests and ideas.  All the work you guys do for us is truly appreciated and these visits make it clear that we are with the right guys.”

-Pat Coulter, Doyles/Sheehan

Just wanted to let you know that, I have been doing shows for over 15 years now, this was the best system to date! Thanks for making that part of the show less challenging!
-Dave Wiltsie – Shankman and Associates

Great ordering system by the way. Loved the tablets.
-Josh Alderson – Carlin Group

We are often asked, “Do your apps run on iOS/Apple?” Truth is, we love Apple and what they have done to energize the industry! But, business is business. When we want to offer our customers a choice, working with a single device manufacturer that strictly controls the operation of apps on their devices seems, well, just a little too restrictive. Especially when the device only holds 18% of the market share. That’s right, our beloved Apple devices are not even used by 82% of smart device users! So, isn’t it smarter to go with devices made by dozens of different manufacturers who have all standardized on Android®? More devices = more innovation and more to choose from. Still skeptical? Take a look at the chart below.
IDC: Smartphone OS Market Share 2015, 2014, 2013, and 2012 Chart

TradeWins! Trade Show Order Capture has completed a three year ramp-up, and is now being used nationwide. Capture orders using tablets. No USB keys required. No power connections. No valuable booth space taken up by Point of Sale systems. The simplest, fastest order capture system with same-day order recap directly to your customers and vendors!