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When teams set out to optimize warehouse operations, the intent is always the same: make the supply chain flow through the warehouse like a well-oiled machine. So, they implement a solution, then another, then another. Some conveyor. Some software. Mobile Devices. Various automation controllers. On and on.

Pretty soon, reality hits: There are dozens of discrete automated projects, but no unified solution. The collection of micro-solutions is running the people – and often running them crazy!

Usually, the solutions aren’t bad in themselves – but they are micro-solutions. They fix a specific problem without regard for the rest of the warehouse or the people involved.

That’s where ActiveIntegrator™ comes in. You can leverage the power of ActiveIntegrator™ to see the entire flow of operations, and communicate between micro-solutions, so that it all works together as a single solution. …like Imperial Trading Company did with their iSeries-connected robotics solution. …Or like McLane Company did with their multi-vendor order fulfillment solution. Both using ActiveIntegrator™.

You can do the same. Reach out for more information: Contact Sales.